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Brandcast rebranded

We designed a new brand, in-house, in just 3 months—all while working from home.

22 July 2020

Carolina de Bartolo

creative director

You may have noticed that Brandcast has a new look.​ We’ve been slowly rolling out our new branding over the past few weeks. Now that it’s up almost everywhere, we wanted to share a bit more about our process and rationale for rebranding the company.

Our old brand: the gradient B.
Our new brand: the jewel.

As our user base and product offering has grown over the years, we came to the decision that we’d outgrown our old brand. We realized we needed something more representative of our new software platform around mid-March, just as the California shelter-in-place orders went into effect. That meant the team was going to embark on an arduous project under the added pressures and uncertainties of the virus and of our new 100% remote working conditions. Little did we know that we’d end up rolling it out months later under those same pressures and uncertainties.

Why rebrand?

The most compelling reason to rebrand was that our business had evolved. Brandcast started as a no-code website creation tool designed by and for designers. If you’re a designer who uses any kind of page layout software, you’ll find our Design Studio app has a familiar UI so its learning curve is fairly shallow.

Over time, however, our customers surprised us by starting to use our product in ways we had not ​ anticipated—namely to design and build websites for information that they had previously put into PDFs or PowerPoints. For example, we saw sales proposals, pitch decks, and case studies​ built as websites in Brandcast, saved as custom templates and content blocks, and then readily re-used over and over by the entire sales and marketing team. We realized that lots of other companies would want to add interactivity to their content and, especially, that they would be eager to apply performance metrics to their URLs so they could know when and how each piece of information was being viewed. This opened up a world of possibilities for us to differentiate ourselves in a crowded market.

Our new brand had to tell this new story. Sure, Brandcast is and always will be a great tool for making any website a designer can dream up—without writing a line of code.But it is also a useful tool for creating custom templates and reusable blocks​ that design teams share with sales and marketing, giving everyone the power to rapidly make on-brand URLs for a variety of enterprise content. So, while we started out as a product aimed at designers, we evolved into a product for the whole enterprise.

Brandcast is now a unified platform of four studios: 1) the original Design Studio;​ 2) the template- and block-driven Content Studio, which lets your designers lock down layouts so your sales and marketing teams can only edit content that has been specified as editable; 3) Salesforce Studio,​ where you can create content directly from Salesforce; and 4) our API or Developer Studio, where Brandcast plays well with whatever other tech you’re already using.





The sub-brand marks build on the primary brand mark to distinguish the four studios.

More than just a remarkably powerful design tool, Brandcast has evolved into what we like to call a Web Content System:​ a fully-integrated approach that lets enterprises create and publish online content, on brand, at scale, and in record time.

The four-studio platform is where design, sales, marketing, and development come together to create and send a full spectrum of content out into the world. The good part is that when everyone is working on the same platform, you get transparency on work progress and instant accountability for who’s done what.

A colorful mark always works best on white. Here the jewel mark is shown on white fields of different shapes.

Getting started

The process for rebranding needed to demonstrate how businesses that are much larger than our ​ startup could use our platform the same way we do. In other words, well…we had to start eating the dog food (or, preferably, drinking the champagne.)

Our previous monogram “the gradient B” had been designed in-house around 2016. Though it had its merits as a standalone mark, it had never been properly developed into a cohesive branding system for the company. In the rebrand, we’d have a chance to fill in those gaps.

Many people had complimented us the beauty of the gradient B over the years. Its layers of shapes referred to collaboration, and its array of colors was a good visual cue to the wide range of content you can make in Brandcast. These were all attributes we hoped to keep intact as we rebranded.

We also wanted our new brand to express key concepts that we’d gleaned from use cases and customer testimonials: collaboration, connection, transparency, beauty, dynamism, and creativity.

Some early logo explorations. Primary colors and elemental shapes seemed fitting from the start.

The explorations into how a new mark might look and feel sprang from these verbal foundations, but we knew from the start that the more important, more challenging, and more meaningful work was going to be transforming those words into a complete visual system​ that would allow the brand to scale as our business grows.

Our new brand mark would be the core of a larger brand system—a system that would combine visuals with plain-English copywriting and would apply to all our visual design from our sales and marketing materials to our user interface and learning modules and even our animations, videos, and gifs. ​

The new “jewel” brand mark

The jewel in color.
The jewel in grayscale.
The jewel in motion.

In the end, we chose the mark we now refer to as the “jewel” because it evokes all our key concepts and encapsulates the idea that Brandcast is a single platform for the four studios. Like the pretty Brandcast B, it still has an easy allure, but this time it’s due to its symmetry and translucency. The colors in the mark are more luminous and primary, but by retaining an array of colors they continue to represent the range of possibilities Brandcast opens up.

Geometry FTW! The new mark is composed entirely of a) squares and b) golden section rectangles.

I personally get a kick out of the simplest references in this mark. For example, the fact that the entire internet from its inception till now consists primarily of four parts: text, images, videos, and links. And, while we rotated them 45 degrees to express dynamic movement, ​ a mark made of squares refers to an even more basic building block: pixels.

Our shiny new brand has a nifty new bumper video too.

Next steps

With the jewel brand mark and the four sub-brand marks designed, we laid a good foundation for our design system. Of course, there were still a million other decisions to make. But because we used Brandcast, we were able to rebrand and have a new corporate website up and running in just under three months—with a very small team, and while working remotely.

Even so, our new brand is still in its infancy. We know it will evolve and change over time. But here again, because we use Brandcast, those changes are easy to make—even for a designer like me who remembers using non-repo blue pens, rubber cement, and waxers. (Look it up, kids!)

Stay tuned!

Watch this space for updates and more details about our rebranding efforts. We’ll write more about the entire design system for the brand including typography, colors, imagery, iconography, and motion.​ We’ll also be documenting our process of creating brand guidelines—using Brandcast, of course!

Why are we doing this? Because you are an important part of this story and we want you to participate in our evolution. Feel free to tell us what you think! Send the design team some feedback ‣

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