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Customer Experiences

The Next Generation

of Personalization

Boost business with meaningful customer experiences.

Updated August 2021

Andy Gaylord

Senior Content Marketing Manager

As a new generation rises through the workforce, business interactions have changed. ​ Important human connections are now made through digital means.

To succeed, every business team must deliver customer experiences that feel genuine and have a personal touch.

In this article, we will examine the current state of digital personalization and show you how to deliver a new wave of meaningful customer experiences when it matters most.

The state-of-the-art of personalization

When defined simply, personalization is the action of designing or producing something to meet someone's individual requirements.

But, depending on who you ask, personalization can mean many different things.

It’s true. There are thousands of ways to personalize content, from auto-filling email subject lines with someone’s first name to tailored advertising to spending countless hours on a single RFP.

To defuse this ambiguity, clarifying what we mean by personalization is an essential first step.

We believe that true personalization facilitates genuine 1 to 1 human interaction. We also believe that valuable customer relationships should develop naturally through meaningful interactions.

Here are some telling statistics:

“98% of marketers say personalization advances customer relationships.”

​ - Evergage

“Millennial brand loyalty increases by 28% if they receive personalized communication.”

- SmarterHQ

“59% of consumers say personalized engagement based on past interactions is very important to winning their business.”

- Salesforce

Genuine interactions through engaging experiences

It’s clear that digital personalization works, and it works best at the intersection between genuine interactions and engaging experiences.

To evolve to the next generation of personalization, every customer-facing business team must:

→ Produce personalized content on a global scale.
→ Share Personalized content securely.
→ Make business decisions based on individual engagement data.
→ Buils digital experiences for the entire customer lifecycle.

Let's dive in.

Produce personalized experiences on a global scale.

Producing personalized experiences at scale is hard. Too often, for the sake of time, quantity comes first and quality takes a back seat. To shift this mentality, you need to develop a new system that allows you to easily customize complex designs.

First,​ assemble content components for use and reuse.

Next, empower customer-facing teams to tailor each experience with unique details.

Finally,​ continuously update experiences with relevant information based on past interactions.

Examples of next-generation personalized experiences:

→ Sales videos speaking directly to prospects
→ Training courses for business teams
→ Personalized sales proposals
→ Targeted ABM campaigns

Share personalized content securely.

When you share personalized content, security is vital. It’s important to make sure your audience trusts your first encounter, and because personalized content, by its nature, contains sensitive information, you have to make sure it can only be seen by specific individuals.

Share content securely by:

→ Restrict access to sensitive information
→ Building login portals for your content
→ Custom branding access
→ Using individual messaging
→ Allow access based on email and email domain

Make business decisions based on individual engagement data.

To maximize the value of each personalized experience, it’s important to analyze engagement and make decisions based on data. But, all too often, content is shared without any tracking or integrations.

Adding tracking and integrations to your content allows you to leverage granular data and tailor engagement based on interactions.

Take action by:

→ Connecting with CRM (Salesforce)
→ Integrating marketing automation tools (Pardot, Marketo)
→ Leveraging native analytics

Build digital experiences for the entire customer lifecycle.

Growing customer lifetime value is the key to lasting success. This means, once a customer begins working with you, the engagement should become even more personalized.

Before you begin the onboarding process, make sure your customer success and services teams have all the individual information they need to develop a genuine connection immediately.

If you focus on engagement throughout the lifecycle, you will boost customer satisfaction, develop upselling options, and gain new opportunities from referrals.

Engage your customers and clients by:

→ Creating individualized portals with unique details
→ Developing Quarterly Business Reviews (QBRs)
→ Delivering interactive training courses
→ Connecting with them regularly across multiple channels and mediums

Thanks for personalizing with Brandcast

Thank you for exploring the next generation of personalization with us. We’re here to help you make genuine connections through digital means. You can view a recording of our recent webinar on personalization here. As you navigate the ever-changing business landscape, we’re here to help you and your team boost business with meaningful customer experiences.

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